Press release: 1999-12-17: Acclaim's R/C Racer Re-Volt Burns Rubber On The Sega Dreamcast; Dream Racer to Hit Store Shelves Today!

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 GLEN COVE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 17, 1999--

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKLM), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company, today announced that its acclaimed radio-controlled racing game, Re-Volt, will arrive on store shelves today for the Sega Dreamcast(TM). The game features the award winning graphics and gameplay of the critically praised PC version and adds new cars, new rooftops level, updated graphics and improved arcade style control.

"Re-Volt features fast, furious and super-fun R/C racing action," said Noah Ullman, product manager at Acclaim Entertainment. "Combined with completely accurate racing physics and impeccable control, Re-Volt packs an incredibly fun racing experience into the Sega Dreamcast."

Re-Volt is developed by Acclaim Studios London and lets gamers race 42 (up from 28 in the PC version) unique cars in places they always wanted to, but couldn't, until now. Gamers get to rip it up through the most amazing 3D environments ever seen in a racing game. Barrel through botanical gardens, maraud through museums, smash through supermarkets, go wild in the Wild West or rip it up on the new rooftops level. Re-Volt features numerous scale-sized pick-ups and weapons, such as shock waves and bottle rockets that contain more firepower than a full size patriot missile. Also included is a comprehensive track editor that lets gamers create and save their tracks, resulting in unlimited replayability.

Acclaim Studios London developed the advanced proprietary physics engine that enables the game to capture the true "look and feel" of R/C racing. Crashes, stunts, skids, and even the car's antennas are created through computer models designed to simulate real-life as accurately as possible.

Re-Volt for Sega Dreamcast is featured in the Official Dreamcast Magazine, The Unofficial Dreamcast Magazine, Next-Generation and other targeted Sega Dreamcast print media. Additional plans include Internet and print advertising, specifically with gaming and racing websites and magazines. In addition, Re-Volt will feature a broad in-store program, a detailed R/C focused website at, and co-promotions with strategically targeted partners.

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