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Template:Magazine The Swedish version of Sega Force was the sole Sega-related magazine available in Sweden (and likely Swedish-speaking parts of Finland) between 1992 and 1995.

Sega Force had a light-hearted tone (which often led to mistakes), and refused to write the name of the NES and SNES when the subject came up, instead calling them den gråa lådan (the gray box) and den stora grå lådan (the big gray box) respectively.

The magazine debuted with dimensions similar to that of comic books and the rival Swedish Nintendo Magasinet (The Nintendo Magazine), where it garnered great support from the Sega players. The last seven issues opted for a thinner covers for cost and environmental reasons, and are so more prone to wear and tear.

Jaha, då var det dags att skriva det sista meddelandet till läsekretsen. Makterna har beslutat att Sega Force ska läggas ned, och vi kan bara hoppas att ni Sega-fans får den information ni behöver från andra källor.

— Mats Jönsson, Sega Force, last issue

Sega Force ended in 1995, covering the Sega 32X but only brief coverage of the Sega Saturn. The magazine was cancelled for unknown reasons (blamed "due to higher powers") - more than likely the publisher pulled the plug due to bad sales. Today, a complete collection of all the issues is quite rare and will fetch prices from 500 to 1000 SEK (about €50 - 100).

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