Sir Roderick’s Quest

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Sir Roderick’s Quest
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: Poseidon Software
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Sir Roderick’s Quest is platform video game originally written for the SC-3000 by Michael Boyd and released by Poseidon Software in 1986. Play the roll of Sir Roderick on his quest to save his kingdom from the evil baron Belor.

Sir Roderick’s Quest is featured on the SC-3000 Survivors Multicart MkII.


Sir Roderick looked down across the barren Almor Valley, toward the ruined castle at Almor in the distance, once his home.

Many years ago, Sir Roderick had said farewell to his father, the King of Almor, and away toward new lands to discover the world.

But, not until many years later did he receive the news that, soon after his departure the kingdom of Almor was invaded by an evil baron named, Belor, who killed the king, and drove the people of Almor to slavery. The presence of evil also had an effect on the Valley of Almor - deprived of Good, it grew a barren and desolate, supporting very little life.

But Sir Roderick has returned, and is determined to rid his home of this evil. For, when he was a boy, he had been told by an old sorcerer, that hidden within the castle lay seven golden objects, created by himself to safeguard the kingdom in times of need after his death.

The uniting of the seven object in the throne room of Almor Castle would create a Golden Sword, a symbol of such immense power, that is could rid the kingdom of any evil that prevailed. And so, you have been chosen to guide Sir Roderick in his quest to rid the kingdom of evil and regain the Throne of Almor which is rightfully his.


The player must collect the seven golden objects and return them to the throne room. The player must avoid various enemies and falling objects. Switches are scattered around the castle that activates doors.

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Sir Roderick’s Quest

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Sir Roderick’s Quest


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