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aka other lists

links and ting

unexplained md clones

[1][2][3] [4][5] most of these have product code "9901"

unexplained game gears

  • Game Gear + Columns (apparently AU) "Bonus Columns Game Included"
  • Game Gear 4 something Uno (ES?) (4-in-1)
  • Game Gear + Sonic 2 (region unknown)
  • Game Gear Plus + bag? (region unknown) orange sticker
  • Game Gear Multi-TV-Set (DE?)

Mega Drive Serials

people probably know these answers but hoarding information is for smelly people

name model power country "hd graphics" rf out back EXT port
Mega Drive HAA-2510 SA-160 Japan
Mega Drive HAA-2510 SA-160A Japan noop yeep
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-03 ----- ?? noop
Mega Drive PAL-I 1601-05 ----- UK noop yeep noop
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-13 ----- ??
Mega Drive 1601-15 ----- ??
Mega Drive PAL-G 1601-18 ----- ??
Mega Drive PAL-I 1600-05 ----- ??
Genesis System Console MK-1631 2103 US n/a
Mega Drive 2 MK-1631-50 ----- EU n/a n/a
Mega Drive 2 MK-1631-16 ----- ?? n/a n/a
Mega Drive 2 HAA-2502 SA-190 JP n/a n/a



In case anyone was wondering, my current choice of emulators for screenshots. These may not be the best - many were picked out years ago and I don't use many of them enough to care. Asterixes (*) next to emulators that are actually pleasant to use.

  • 3DO: FreeDO
  • Amiga: WinUAE + lots of fighting
  • Amstrad CPC: Arnold (it doesn't always work)
  • Apple II: Had to resort to an online one
  • Atari 2600: Stella
  • Atari 8-bit: Atari 800Win Plus (also doesn't always work). I'm using an "old" colour palette because they changed it between versions for some reason. Who knows if it's correct.
  • Atari 5200: Atari 800Win Plus ^^
  • Atari ST: Steem
  • BBC Micro: BeebEm
  • ColecoVision: BlueMSX *
  • Commodore 64/VIC-20: WinVice *
  • Classic Macintosh: Mini vMac, Basilisk II, regular breaks for fresh air, trained therapist on-hand
  • Dragon 32: xroar (meant to work with TRS-80 CoCo too but bleh)
  • Famicom/NES: Nestopia *
  • Game Boy (Color/Advance): VisualBoy Advance *
  • That official Gamecom emulator
  • IBM PC: DOSBox *
  • Mega Drive/Game Gear: Kega Fusion *
  • Model 2 arcade: Model 2 Emulator
  • Model 3 arcade: Supermodel
  • MSX 1/2: BlueMSX *
  • PC-6001: ip6
  • PC Engine: Ootake *
  • TRS-80: SDLTRS
  • X68000: XM6 (emulation a bit dodgy - can't do After Burner II title screen for example)
  • ZX Spectrum: SpecEmu *
  • Anything else: MAME/MESS/whatever