Winner Every Time

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Winner Every Time
System(s): Prize game
Publisher: ICE
Distributor: Sega Amusements International
Genre: Prize

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (prize game)
$? ?

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Winner Every Time is an arcade prize redemption game manufactured by ICE and distributed through Sega Amusements International. Many variants of this machine have been produced for years, even prior to Sega Amusements International acquiring ICE's distribution rights.

As the name implies, this crane game allows players to always walk away with a prize. The player first attempts to win a standard prize and if they fail, they move to the right section of the machine where they attempt to grab a small prize (eg, Candy or a keychain plush) and will always win on that side.

Newer versions of the machine support SD Cards, allowing for custom music or audio to be played and to port settings from one machine to another.

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