16 Weeks of Summer

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16 Weeks of Summer
Date: 19921992
Location: United States

16 Weeks of Summer was a sixteen-week promotional event organised in part by Sega of America to promote Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and Sega Game Gear games in the United States over the summer of 1992.

During this period, Sega partnered with a number of local radio stations across the US and set up stalls for members of the public to try out video games.[1] There were also contests and promotions to win Sega video game consoles and games.

Partnered radio stations

  • (KIIS-AM/FM; Los Angeles California)
  • Z100 (WHTZ-FM; New York, New York)
  • B96 (WBBM-FM; Chicago, Illinois)
  • (WIOQ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • KMEL Jams (KMEL; San Francisco, California)
  • (WZOU; Boston, Massachusetts)
  • (WHYT; Detroit, Michigan)
  • (WPGC; Washington, D.C.)
  • (KBXX; Houston, Texas)
  • 97.1 KEGL: The Eagle (KEGL; Dallas, Texas)

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Each radio station got its own promotional T-shirt: