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20em1 title.png
20 em 1
Publisher: Tectoy
Game total: 20
System(s): Sega Master System
Genre: Compilation

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Master System

20 em 1 (translated as 20 in 1) is a collection of 20 original games developed and published by Brazilian company Tectoy for the Sega Master System.

The cartridge was only sold bundled with a certain version of Tectoy's Master System III Compact, and as such had no box of its own and was never sold outside Brazil. The games included in the collection were made for children and are relatively basic, ranging from driving to platformers to shoot-'em-ups. None of the games have been named, being only identified by numbers.


All of the games give you 60 seconds to reach a certain score, which varies from game to game. In most of the games the only buttons available are Left and Right, which move the character to the respective direction, but some games allow you to perform an action, such as jumping or shooting, with button 1 or button 2.

20em1 SMS BR Game01.png Game 01
You are a construction worker who has to catch tools, which fall vertically from the top of the screen, using a bucket.
20em1 SMS BR Game02.png Game 02
You control a hungry lunar creature, that needs to collect pieces of cake and burgers while avoiding explosive obstacles, which will decrease your score if touched. On this game the screen scrolls both to the right and to the left, and every time it is done the items and obstacles on the floor change. You can also use the Up and Down buttons, while moving horizontally.
20em1 SMS BR Game03.png Game 03
You are a skateboarder boy who earns points by just moving forward and loses points when you touch the obstacles. The Left button is used for braking, and the Up and Down buttons can only be used if the character is moving forward.
20em1 SMS BR Game04.png Game 04
You control an odd creature and do not face any enemies or obstacles, and the only buttons available are Right and 1, which is used to jump. The screen scrolls, very slowly, to the right and you only need to move fast enough to finish the game.
20em1 SMS BR Game05.png Game 05
You are a little mouse who can move horizontally and jump with button 1. The goal is to catch pieces of cheese which fall diagonally from the top.
20em1 SMS BR Game06.png Game 06
It is very similar to Game 01, but you are a diver who must catch coins, which fall horizontally from the top. Another difference is the presence of a shark, that shows up occasionally and makes your score go down if touched.
20em1 SMS BR Game07.png Game 07
You control a biker from a top-down perspective and must simply go through the way avoiding the (very few) obstacles. Down button is used to accelerate, and you can go to the Left and to the Right, while in movement.
20em1 SMS BR Game08.png Game 08
You drive a yellow car that can be moved to any direction around the screen. You earn points by just avoiding the other cars which appear on the screen trying to hit you.
20em1 SMS BR Game09.png Game 09
You are a Brazilian native boy, guiding a canoe on a river. The goal is to dodge the rocks, alligators and flying arrows on the way.
20em1 SMS BR Game10.png Game 10
You control a helicopter from a top-down perspective, like in Game 07, and earn points by shooting a rival helicopter with button 1. When either helicopters get hit they become invulnerable and cannot move for a few seconds. This game allows you to move to any directions, diagonals inclusive.
20em1 SMS BR Game11.png Game 11
You are a frog on the surface of a lake, with three lilypads on which you can jump. The goal is to catch bugs which fall vertically from the top of the screen, and to do so you must move to the Left and to the Right, and press 1 to put your tongue out. You lose a point if a bug touches you.
20em1 SMS BR Game12.png Game 12
You control a spaceship that can move to any directions around the screen. 1 is used to shoot enemy spaceships and other strange objects, and you lose points when hit.
20em1 SMS BR Game13.png Game 13
You control an airplane that can accelerate with Right button, decelerate with Left button and shoot with button 1. The goal is to shoot hot air balloons which appear vertically from the bottom of the screen, and dodge other airplanes which, occasionally, come from the left.
20em1 SMS BR Game14.png Game 14
It is basically the same as Game 03, but you are a roller skater instead of a skateboarder, and the scenario is slightly different.
20em1 SMS BR Game15.png Game 15
You are a baker and must put two cookies into a furnace. Button 1 is used to throw a cookie, starting a Pong-like game on which the cookie bounces off the right side and comes back at you, and you can hit it back with a pan.
20em1 SMS BR Game16.png Game 16
You control an odd superhero-looking insecticide sprayer who can jump to the Left and to the Right. You must the kill insects which come from the top of the screen, using button 1 to spray on them.
20em1 SMS BR Game17.png Game 17
You are a little guy who can move to the Right, jump with the Up button and attack the enemies with button 1. The enemies come running at you but cannot jump, being no challenge at all.
20em1 SMS BR Game18.png Game 18
You control a snow skier on a very short course. To control the skier you must hold the Down button and press the Left and Right buttons.
20em1 SMS BR Game19.png Game 19
Similar to Game 08, you control a police car and must dodge red cars which try to hit you. You are allowed to move to any directions around the screen.
20em1 SMS BR Game20.png Game 20
Another Pong-like game, but in a tennis scenario. 1 releases a tennis ball that bounces off the wall on the right side, coming back at you and you must hit it back with your tennis racket.

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