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3Dfx logo.png
3Dfx Interactive
Founded: 1994-08-24[1]
Defunct: 2002-10-15[2]
Merged into: NVIDIA
San Jose, California, United States

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3Dfx Interactive (later stylised 3dfx Interactive) was a graphics company famous for producing the Voodoo series of PC graphics cards in the 1990s.

3Dfx were at one point commissioned by Sega to work on the "Black Belt" project, something which would later emerge as the Sega Dreamcast. However, the Sega eventually shelved the Black Belt design[3] in favour of a system part-designed by NEC VideoLogic, leading to a lawsuit between the two firms for breach of contract[4] (and one which 3Dfx would win).

3Dfx went bankrupt in 2002, with its assets being bought out by rival NVIDIA.