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Active Enterprises
Founded: 1989
Defunct: 1993
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas (managing office)

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Active Enterprises was an American video game developer and publisher, notable for producing the infamous unlicensed Nintendo Family Computer multicart Action 52 and the unreleased video game system Action GameMaster.


Founded in 1989 by American entrepreneurs Raul Gomila and Vince Perri, Active Enterprises was headquartered in Miami, Florida and managed from an office in Nassau, The Bahamas.

After one of the company founders saw an unlicensed Nintendo Family Computer multicart, he was struck with the idea to develop a similar product in the United States. Hiring only a few programmers with virtually zero experience, development on Action 52 was significantly rushed and plagued with a lack of both programming and production knowledge. Released sometime in 1991 for the sum of $199, the game was been largely considered one of the poorest titles on Nintendo's 8-bit system, and so fraught with bugs that many games are unable to be completed, played properly, or will simply crash the entire system upon launch.

Later, Active Enterprises contracted American video game developer FarSight Technologies to port the game to the Sega Mega Drive. As the original product was so faulty as to be considered unplayable, FarSight completely redeveloped and reimagined the significant majority of included games, and as such, the game's Mega Drive port is considered to be far superior to the original release, but still generally basic in gameplay design.