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Alien Storm
Format(s): Vinyl
Record label: Data Discs
Release Date RRP Code
£20.9920.99[2] DATA020

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Alien Storm is a vinyl album containing music from the Sega Mega Drive version of Alien Storm.

Track list

A1. Break Out  
A2. Player Select  
A3. “Theme BUSTERS”  
A4. Cybernate-Q  
A5. Noise of Act!  
A6. That’s G. G.  
A7. We are “BUSTERS”  
A8. Speed Queen!  
A9. Dark Alley  
B1. Here We Go Go!  
B2. “Beyond” Dance  
B3. Neuropath  
B4. Cybernate-P  
B5. Tireless  
B6. Ulcer  
B7. Nuclear Dance!  
B8. Oh My Buddha! (Game Over)  

Physical scans

Vinyl, UK
AlienStorm vinyl UK front.jpg

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Alien Storm (Mega Drive)

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