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System(s): Discrete logic arcade
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1-4
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Arcade (discrete logic)
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Amazonian (アマゾニアン), is a discrete logic arcade game released by Sega in 1978. It is a shooting game.


This game has four model guns installed in the cabinet that are preloaded. When you pulled the trigger, bullets actually shot out at the targets by compressed air. There are safety considerations where the trigger cannot be pulled unless the muzzle is pointed in the direction of the target, and the target is made of a soft material with a low rebound potential. The shot bullets are automatically returned to the player's seat and collected for the next shot. The bullets were little yellow pellets about 1/4" or less in diameter. They were funneled to a vacuum after hitting the target backdrop which would suck them up and blow them back to the guns through plastic tubing.

The game would play "jungle" sounding music the entire time which was recorded on an 8-track tape that would continuously play. Other sounds would happen when a target was hit. It was a SUPER popular game and always drew a crowd. As a technician working in the arcade at the beach, I will say the game was a bit of a pain to keep running. The sea air and dirt would collect on the pellets and cause the guns to clog fairly often. It was a part time job to keep it running smoothly, but it paid for itself in very short order and people really liked it.

The target is a monster lurking in the jungle of the Amazon River Basin. Various monsters are moving on grassy trees, trees, or flying in the sky. The targets are color-coded into four kinds, and the score when hitting each is different:

  • 100 points for shooting a pink target
  • 200 points for shooting a yellow target
  • 300 points for shooting a green target
  • 500 points for shooting an orange target

When the double indicator lights below the player score, the score is doubled, and when the triple lights up, the score is tripled.

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