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Atod AB, later known as Eidos Studios, Sweden AB and formerly known as Atod Design KB, was the oldest Swedish video game developer.


The company was established as Atod Design KB in 1987 and officially incorporated as Atod AB in 1992 by Christoffer Nilsson and Thomas Liljetoft.

In 2002 the company merged with Warthog Plc and became Warthog Sweden. This lasted until 2004 when the company was renamed Gizmondo Studios Helsingborg to focus on development for the Gizmondo hand-held.

Eventually, in May 2006, the company was acquired by Eidos Interactive Ltd. (part of the SCi group) and renamed once more, now to Eidos Studios, Sweden AB.

In 2008 Eidos restructured and closed the Swedish studio, who continued on their own, using their old name Atod AB.[2]



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