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BEC Co., Ltd. (株式会社ベック) (Bandai Entertainment Company) was a game development subsidiary of Bandai established in December 1990 as a joint venture between Bandai and fellow Japanese game company Human, with much of the early staff coming from either Human or Human Creative School. It primarily provided game development and CG production services for Bandai and Bandai Group companies such as Yutaka and Banpresto. It also managed much of Bandai's outsourced game development, and even published a handful of titles itself under the Interbec brand.[1]


After Human's bankruptcy, BEC became a fully-owned subsidiary of Bandai. The company ceased to exist in April 2011 when it was merged into Banpresoft to form the new company B.B.STUDIO. BEC was headed by Eisaku Maniwa (間庭英作) from March 1999 until March 2010, then by Toshihiro Nada (灘俊宏) until the Banpresoft merger in 2011.[1]


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