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Mega Drive version

Palette error

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Retail release

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Fixed version

An error in the Mega Drive version's palette storage results in the game appearing darker than intended. On the Mega Drive, the bit order of palette colors is 0000BBB0GGG0RRR0, with RRR, GGG, and BBB being the red/green/blue components of the color, and 0 being zero bits. This game, however, uses 00000BBB0GGG0RRR by mistake; the lowest bits of the components are ignored by the hardware, resulting in a color range (000, 001, 010, 011). That is to say, rather than having a palette of 512 colours to choose from, the game can only render 64.

As the artwork was drawn with the full palette in mind, the effect is that graphical detail is lost, and the game becomes harder to see. By fixing this bug, the game becomes more vibrant, comparable to other ports of the game.

Not fixed in any version.


Back to the Future Part III

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