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Body Slam
System(s): Pre-System 16 arcade hardware
Publisher: Sega
Distributor: Sun Corporation of America (US) (conversion kit)
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (System 16)
¥? ?
Arcade (System 16)
$? ?

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Body Slam, known in Japan as Dump Matsumoto (ダンプ松本), is a Sega System 16 arcade wrestling game developed by Esco Boueki and manufactured by Sega. Originally endorsed by professional Japanese wrestler Dump Matsumoto, the game was first released to Japanese arcades in May 1986, and was later brought to the United States later that year.

One month later in June 1986, Sega R&D 2 ported the game to the Sega Master System as Pro Wrestling.

Production credits

  • ITO
  • E N
  • MIN
  • AKO
  • O.
  • S42
In-game high score table


Magazine articles

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Promotional material

BodySlam System16 JP flyer.png
JP flyer
BodySlam System16 JP flyer.png
BodySlam System16 US Flyer.jpg
US flyer
BodySlam System16 US Flyer.jpg

Physical scans

System 16, JP
Instuction card(s)


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