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Brøderbund Software
Founded: 1980
Defunct: 1999
Eugene, Oregon, United States
17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, California, 94903, United States[1]
Novato, California, United States

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Brøderbund Software, Inc. was an American video game developer most known for their popular home computer games like Lode Runner and Prince of Persia. The company did not develop or publish any titles directly for Sega systems; instead, other companies would produce officially-licensed ports of Brøderbund's games.


In May 1997, Brøderbund established a gaming division, known as Red Orb Entertainment[2] (Red Orb being the first six letters of Brøderbund, spelt backwards). The following year, Brøderbund was purchased by The Learning Company, and Red Orb was merged into Mindscape. Mindscape's sale to Mattel in 2000 made Red Orb a Mattel brand. It ceased to exist at some point in 2001.

After Brøderbund's shutdown, their intellectual properties were sold to companies like Ubisoft (which acquired Prince of Persia) and Tozai Games (which acquired Spelunker and Lode Runner).


System 1

  • (1985)

System 2

  • (1985)


  • (1984)
  • (1985)
  • (1985)
  • (1985)

Master System

  • (1986)
  • (1988)
  • (1992)

Mega Drive

  • (1992)
  • (1992)
  • (1994)
  • (unreleased)

Game Gear

  • (1992)


  • (1992)


  • (1999) (as Red Orb Entertainment)
  • (2000) (as Red Orb Entertainment)


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