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Buzz! Computers
Original channel(s): Channel 4

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Buzz! Computers was a teletext page maintained as part of the Channel 4 teletext service in the United Kingdom (at the time managed by ORACLE). It was part of its wider Buzz! section of the service; one which targeted teenagers and many areas of entertainment. As the name suggests, Buzz! Computers was a page about computing and video games.

At the time, the UK's Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) would manage "franchise rounds" every few years, where television companies could bid to run regional parts of the ITV network. ORACLE successfully managed to persuade the IBA that the ITV and Channel 4 teletext services could be counted as a franchise - one that it would then lose during the 1991 round of auctions to Teletext Ltd.. As a result, most of ORACLE's teletext services ceased broadcasting on the 31st December 1992, including Buzz!, however Teletext would introduce a brand new, dedicated video game page in the form of Digitiser the following day.


Episode Video Name Date Airtime Description
1991-01-04 Video Placeholder.svg Friday 4th January 1991-01-04
1991-01-11 Video Placeholder.svg Friday 11th January 1991-01-11
1991-01-18 Video Placeholder.svg Friday 18th January 1991-01-18
1991-02-01 Video Placeholder.svg Friday 1st February 1991-02-01