Creative services employees

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Sega of America and Sega Europe use the term "creative services" to describe "miscellaneous" tasks involved in game development and publishing. Sega has described creative services as including "graphic and digital design, video editing, branding, animation, packaging, event design, concept ideation, illustration, and creative input"[1]. What this means in video game terms, is that creative services teams produce content used to promote the game (for example, advertising), but are not involved directly in creating the game itself. They also handle packaging and manuals and other incidental details.

Prior to the introduction of creative services teams, these tasks would be handled by marketing (whose role now is to decide "what" the creative service teams produce), or outsourced to external agencies. The writing of game manuals, for example, is something Sega would typically outsource, because only a limited number of products needing manuals would be relased per year. With the advent of the internet, upcoming products are constantly promoted from the early stages of development, so creative services teams are always needed.

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