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Covers which are conveniently 3366 x 2100 pixels in size are almost certianly not scans - there are modified images, usually from The Cover Project for "universal game cases" - replacement boxes to make all your video games line up nicely in a row. As the name implies, a universal game case can house all sorts of video game cartridges, and so is slightly wider than a standard Sega plastic clamshell case.

More than likely these scans have been heavily edited to fit one of these cases so they can look nice and clean and uniform on a shelf. However, Mega Drive covers are not uniform - designs can vary considerably depending on the publisher or even from the factory where they were assembled, so important details could be lost. These covers can work as placeholders but are not accurate. In the early days of Sega Retro, this was not fully understood so many fake covers slipped by.

Resolution aside, some fake covers are easier to spot than others, but even those which have not been obviously "cleaned" will likely be stretched horizontally. Also many Mega Drive games came in cardboard boxes so should not have this style of cover scan.

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