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Club Sega
Format(s): CD
Record label: Marvelous Entertainment
Distributor: Pony Canyon
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,800 (2,940)2,800 (2,940)[1] MJCA-00003

Club Sega is a compilation of remixes of tracks from several Sega games. It was published in Japan by Marvelous Entertainment. It was followed two years later by Club Sega 2: Beat Grooves.

Track list

1. Sega Rally Championship "Ghost On The Road Mix" (5:55) 
Remix by: Ebizoo
2. Virtua Fighter "Z-Tra Club Mix" (6:58) 
3. Top Skater "Tall Paul Mix" (8:08) 
Remix by: Paul Newman
4. Daytona USA "Nao's Daytona Destruction" (9:06) 
Remix by: Nao Nakamura
5. Last Bronx "Yoji Biomehanika's NRG Floor Mix" (6:20) 
Remix by: Yoji Biomehanika (Yoji Mabuchi)
6. Virtual On "Cyber Nu-Ron Mix" (6:42) 
Remix by: Yoshiyuki Kubo
7. NiGHTS "8:00am at Maniac Love Mix" (7:16) 
Remix by: Yo-C
8. Sonic 3 "Tobynation Remix" (7:14) 
Remix by: Tobynation (Toby Izui)
9. The House of the Dead "DJ Shinkawa's O-D-E-M-S" (7:04) 
Remix by: DJ Shinkawa
10. After Burner "ZZ-A! Mix" (4:25) 
Remix by: Ebizoo
Running time: 69:08

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