Comix Zone (Saturn)

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Comix Zone
System(s): Saturn[1]
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega Technical Institute Burbank[1]
Planned release date(s): 1996
Genre: Action
State before cancellation: Early in development

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Comix Zone (TBD), sometimes referred to as Comix Zone 3D, was a planned three-dimensional Saturn follow-up to the 1995 Mega Drive beat-'em-up game Comix Zone.[1]


There were no concrete plans [for a Comix Zone sequel] at that time, but we left it open for that possibility. I even made some quick prelim storyboards for how the Comix Zone concept could work in 3D on the Saturn, but ultimately Sega wanted us to work on a Sonic property next.

Developer Peter Morawiec[2]

Designed alongside Sonic Saturn at Sega Technical Institute's newly-established satellite office STI Burbank, some concept art and early gameplay designs were explored, but the game ultimately never left the planning stage.[1] Ultimately, Sega of America wanted the studio to focus solely on the Sonic franchise, and the game was permanently shelved.[2]

Production credits

Concept art