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Console XS
Publisher: Paragon Publishing
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Subject(s): Tips
First issue date: 1992-04-23
Last issue date: 1992-11-17
Number of issues: 4
Frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN: 0965-7584
Succeeded by: Sega XS, Super XS

Console XS was a bimonthly magazine published in the UK by Paragon Publishing in 1992. After four issues it was split into two magazines: Sega XS for Sega consoles and Super XS for Nintendo.

The magazine was originally set to be launched on 31st March 1992, but was pushed back a month.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Logo-pdf.svg June/July 1992 1992-04-23[1] £2.952.95 9770965758001-06
2 Logo-pdf.svg August/September 1992 1992-0x-xx £2.952.95 9770965758001-08
3 Logo-pdf.svg October/November 1992 1992-09-17[2] £2.952.95 9770965758001-10
4 Logo-pdf.svg Christmas 1992 1992-11-17[3] £2.952.95 9770965758001-12

Promotional material


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