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Localisation comparisons

System 24 version


JP version

CrackDown System24 US WDUD.png

US version

The US version has a "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen.

Mega Drive version

FatalFury MD JP Sega.png

JP version

FatalFury MD US Sega.png

US version

The Western versions include a ™ symbol next to the Sega logo.

Version comparisons

CrackDown Title.png

Arcade (System 16)

CrackDown MD JP TitleScreen.png

Mega Drive

CrackDown Amiga Title.png


CrackDown CPC Title.png

Amstrad CPC


Atari ST

CrackDown C64 title.png

Commodore 64

CrackDown IBMPC Title.png


CrackDown Spectrum Title.png

ZX Spectrum


Crack Down

CrackDown Title.png

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Music: Crack Down/Gain Ground (1989)

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