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Founded: 1984[1]
Defunct: 1985
Headquarters: Japan

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Crux Co., Ltd. (株式会社クラックス) was a short-lived Japanese arcade game developer, founded by Takeshi Tozu (戸津猛) (who previously founded Orca, Whiteboard, and the later Santos[1]), most notable for employing a number of future Toaplan staff.


Crux was founded shortly after the 1984 bankruptcy of developer Orca, and only developed a total of three arcade games (with one left unreleased) before going bankrupt themselves within a year.[1] The chief programmer of Gyrodine and two other employees soon departed to Toa Kikaku where they would establish the development division Toaplan; renowned composer Tatsuya Uemura was invited as well, but did not migrate until development on Gyrodine had been completed.[1]


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