Dangerous Waters

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Dangerous Waters
Publisher: InterAct
Country of origin: United States
Subject(s): Tips
First issue date: 199x-xx-xx
Last issue date: 2000-xx-xx
Number of issues: 24
Frequency: Bimonthly
Succeeded by: GameShark Magazine

Dangerous Waters was a bimonthly newsletter published in the United States by InterAct between 199x and 2000. It complimented the GameShark cheat devices, and was mailed for free to registered customers.

Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 199x-xx-xx
2 199x-xx-xx
3 199x-xx-xx
4 199x-xx-xx
5 199x-xx-xx
6 199x-xx-xx
7 1997-xx-xx
8 1997-05-xx
9 Logo-pdf.svg 1997-xx-xx
10 Logo-pdf.svg 1997-xx-xx
11 Logo-pdf.svg 1997-xx-xx
12 Logo-pdf.svg 199x-xx-xx
13 Logo-pdf.svg 1998-xx-xx
14 1998-xx-xx
15 Logo-pdf.svg 1998-xx-xx
16 Logo-pdf.svg 1998-xx-xx
17 Logo-pdf.svg 199x-xx-xx
18 Logo-pdf.svg 1999-xx-xx
19 Logo-pdf.svg 1999-xx-xx
20 Logo-pdf.svg 1999-xx-xx
21 Logo-pdf.svg 1999-xx-xx
22 Logo-pdf.svg xxxx-xx-xx
23 xxxx-xx-xx
24 2000-xx-xx

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