Deep Fear Sound Drama Vol. 1

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Deep Fear Sound Drama Vol. 1
Format(s): CD
Record label: Marvelous Entertainment
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,913 (3,059)3,059i[1] TKCA-71485

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Deep Fear Sound Drama Vol. 1 (ディープ・フィアー サウンドトラック サウンドドラマVol.1) is the first part of an audio drama based on the Sega Saturn game, Deep Fear.

Track list

1. Deep Fear  
2. Daiichi Hanashi  
Japan 第一話
EN: First Talk
3. Daini Hanashi  
Japan 第二話
EN: Second Talk
4. Daisan Hanashi  
Japan 第三話
EN: Third Talk
5. Daiyon Hanashi  
Japan 第四話
EN: Fourth Talk
6. Daigo Hanashi  
Japan 第五話
EN: Fifth Talk
7. Omoide wa Suddo Mune no Oku ni  
Japan 想いではずっと胸の奥に
EN: The Memories Were In My Heart All Along

Physical scans

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