Dengeki Mega Drive

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File:DengekiMD JP 01.pdf
Dengeki Mega Drive
Publisher: MediaWorks
Country of origin: Japan
Backed systems: Sega Mega Drive
First issue date: 1993-01-xx
Last issue date: 1993-11-xx
Number of issues: 6
Frequency: Bimonthly
Succeeded by: Dengeki Sega EX

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Dengeki Mega Drive (電撃メガドライブ) was a Japanese video game magazine released as part of MediaWorks' Dengeki series of publications. As the name suggests, this publication focused on the Sega Mega Drive, complementing similar magazines which covered other systems. The magazine was discontinued after one year. Two and a half years later, its successor Dengeki Sega EX was issued.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Logo-pdf.svg February 1993 1993-01-xx ¥573 (590)590i 1006398020599
2 Shock Mega Drive 02 cover.JPG April 1993 1993-03-08 ¥631 (650)650i
3 Logo-pdf.svg June 1993 1993-05-xx ¥631 (650)650i 1006398060656
4 Logo-pdf.svg August 1993 1993-07-08 ¥631 (650)650i 1006398080654
5 Shock Mega Drive 05 cover.JPG October 1993 1993-09-08 ¥709 (730)730i
5s ShiningForceIIAdventureManual Book JP.jpg Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin Adventure Manual 1993-09-08 PACK-INpack
6 Shock Mega Drive 06 cover.jpg December 1993 1993-11-xx ¥951 (980)980i

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