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Doc's Hi Tech Game Products
Founded: 1990
Defunct: 200x
Rialto, California, United States[1]
4140 Garner Rd., Riverside, California, 92501, United States[2][3]
Hauppauge, New York, United States

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Doc's Hi Tech Game Products, Inc., commonly known as Doc's Hi Tech or simply Doc's, was an American video game company, which produced various third-party controllers and accessories for video game consoles. The company is best remembered for its line of game cartridge cleaning kits, from which it derives its name (referring to a doctor which can fix your games.)[1]


Officially founded in 1990 as Doc's Hi Tech Game Products, Inc., and headquartered in Rialto, California, the company was largely advertised under the name Doc's Hi Tech by 1993. By about 1994, it would shorten its name name even further to simply Doc's.

In November 1993, Doc's High Tech awarded a notable advertising contract to American marketing agency The Impact Group.[4]

At some point in the 1990s, Doc's was acquired by Arista Interactive, and began to focus exclusively on wireless game controllers. The brand was retired around 2003.

Racing sponsorships

1991 Valvoline 200

Doc's Hi Tech was a sponsor of car #12 (driven by Mark Dismore) at Phoenix International Raceway's 1991 Valvoline 200. The car was flagged out of the race before crossing the finish line.[5]

Accessories produced

Mega Drive