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Dottori Kun
Publisher: Sega
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Dottori Kun (ドットリ君) is a 1990 arcade "game" by Sega. The exact purpose is unclear; System16 claims that it was to help JAMMA board dealers cope with a law saying all boards must be sold with games; the MAME source code claims it was just a JAMMA test board. Whatever the case, it was quite cheap for the time: a 4Mhz Z80, very basic graphics (256x192 display capable of drawing two of eight colors), and no sound.

Gameplay is similar to Head On. The basic goal of this game is that you are the arrow and you must go around the field collecting the dots and avoiding the X. The only movement restriction is that you cannot turn 180°, and if you hit a corner, the game will automatically turn you. There are two buttons. Button 1 will cause you to move faster when held. Button 2 pauses/unpauses. Hitting the X will kill you and you will have to start back at the first "level". Every few levels, another X joins the board.

On older boards, inserting a coin will cause the game to cycle foreground, then background colors; on newer boards, inserting a coin will open a test menu.


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