Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal

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Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal
System(s): PlayStation Vita
Publisher: Atlus (US), NIS America (Europe, Australia)
Genre: RPG[1]

Number of players: 1[1]
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation Vita
$39.9939.99 PCSE-00693
ESRB: Mature
Sony PlayStation Vita
ESRB: Mature
Sony PlayStation Vita
ESRB: Mature
Sony PlayStation Vita
€?? ?
USK: 16
Sony PlayStation Vita
USK: 16
Sony PlayStation Vita
£?? PCSB-00813
PEGI: 16+
Sony PlayStation Vita
PEGI: 16+
Sony PlayStation Vita
PEGI: 16+
Sony PlayStation Vita
PEGI: 16+
Sony PlayStation Vita
$?? ?
Sony PlayStation Vita

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Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal is a role-playing game developed by AquaPlus for the PlayStation Vita, and the sequel to To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers. The North American version of the game was published by Atlus. It was distributed by NIS America in Europe.

Pre-Orders for the game came with a 2015-2016 calendar featuring art from the game.

Its digital version as well as all DLC were delisted from the PlayStation Store in April 2021.


There once was an era in which the earth was inhabited by gods, humans, and an evil deity from the underworld known as the Demon God.

Under the flag of the holy maiden Vitoria, humans fought against the spirits, or monsters, who worked as the Demon’s pawns for ages.

– God's Era, Year 395.

A technique for capturing monsters into a magical tome called a Sealbook was invented by the first royal alchemist, Siegdrad. A new, special class called Libras handled this sealing magic, and they garnered tremendous results in regard to monster suppression.

Thanks to their efforts, the monsters’ population plummeted, and eventually the Demon God herself was sealed away. The world began to operate under the rule of humanity.

Then came the King’s Era, Year 1. Vitoria had achieved continental unification through the hard work of mankind, and succeeded the throne as First Queen of the Kingdom of Romulea.

Kingdom of Romulea Founding History – Chapter 1, Section 10.

Some time has passed. It is now the King’s Era, Year 499...

The stage is the Royal Library of the Kingdom of Romulea. Here begins a new story...


Fried Einhard
“To humans, a key. To evil, a cage. Violent creature, return to my book!”

An honor student who graduated the Royal Military Academy’s preparatory course as top of his class. His profound interest and extensive research towards monsters led him to become a rare class that only a few qualify for, the Libra. He manages everything flawlessly, but lacks friends. Although he has managed to cover it up with his inherent excellence, he actually has very bad luck. After joining a party, that bad luck may sometimes turn out to be beneficial...

Melvy de Florencia
“Fighting is tough... b-but I’ll be okay! As long as, um... Fried is here...”

An apprentice magician who graduated Royal Military Academy’s magic course at the top of her class. Due to her upbringing in a nice family, she is naturally a reserved and gentle girl with no will to fight. She and Fried foster a peaceful friendship and helped each other out on their weak subjects in school. Although she was accepted into the Queen’s Guard to serve as a close advisor, she went against her parents’ opinions to explore with Fried. Though she is placid, her core is firm and she has a strong sense of justice.

Alisia Heart
“Fried's a Libra and Melvy's a Magic User, so I’m a Knight! Alright~! Time to work!”

An apprentice knight who graduated as the only girl among the Royal Military Academy’s knight course. After graduating the elite knight course through battle sense and will power alone (definitely not her smarts), she became a member of the Royal Order Guards. During school, she mostly hung out with the isolated Fried and exceedingly placid Melvy. A hardworking good girl, she continues to improve her results with humble efforts.

Irena Rosenmeier
“You were chosen by me. I will not allow anyone to protest. Believe in yourself, and walk the path of justice!”

An excellent woman who got promoted as Royal Library’s Chief Librarian. She is a pillar of justice, and is fairer and more just than Fried. Regardless of how new he is, she approves of Fried as a Libra and assigns insanely important tasks to him. Other Libras are dissatisfied by this stance, but she suppresses those complaints. On one hand, she seems like an ideal superior, but on the other hand, she constantly tries to be perfect, as superiors cannot show weakness. However, she does sometimes make careless mistakes and gets flustered when someone points them out.

Lilian Craper
“F-F-Fool, did I not tell you to leave? Wh-Why would you want to associate with someone who is cursed like me? Are you guys crazy!?”

An extremely negative and pessimistic girl going through a self-conscious stage of puberty. Due to her excessive concern about how others view her, she has a slight case of anthropophobia. This causes her to be constantly uncomfortable. Although her childhood was not particularly problematic, she believes she is a cursed child and whoever gets involved with her will be cursed as well. She is a bit off, but has an honest side as well.

Conette St. Honore
“Hm? I’ll just deal with the tough stuff later. Anyways, time to work! And after work comes... sweets, sweets, and more sweets! Of course! ~ ♪ ”

A former maid of the Royal Maid Squadron, she has a weakness for sweets and is constantly munching on something. Even during her work, she often stealthily steals sweets from her master's drawers. The Chief of the Maid Squadron forbid her from having any more sweets, so she flees in discontent.

Monica Macy
“Ahhhhhh, you’re right! As a spy, I must investigate even more to gather evidence! I-I’m going to work as hard as I can!”

A clumsy spy who came to observe Fried. Melvy’s father hired her to investigate Fried out of concern that Melvy had entered into a dangerous situation. She was determined to fulfill her task one way or another, but she was too obvious, making all her efforts go to waste. Her family is actually extremely poor, and unless she gets compensation from this spy job, her 15 siblings would... She holds her spy memo dearly, but it doesn’t seem like she’s noting anything useful.

Grisherina Efleanor
“N-N-No! This is... not for me! Do you think someone like me would wear lace underwear!? Haha, hahahahaha!”

A well-mannered veteran explorer. She is mannish and strong, and can take out an average guy with one hand tied behind her back. Since she has always been treated like a man, she acts extremely suspicious when treated like a woman... Though her self-esteem as a woman is very low, she actually has some girly hobbies and admires cute girls. More than anything, she holds an emotion close to religious faith towards the legendary maiden of beauty and nobility, Queen Vitoria the First. Some day she hopes to acquire a Crown and become a founder.

Fiora Marsh
“I’m sure there’s a deep meaning behind this. Don’t worry... I will follow your heart.”

A deeply religious Sister. As an orphanage manager, she protects orphans. Filled with compassion for others, she is a flawlessly good, affectionate person. She thinks that anyone can be a good person, and believes in people without no doubts whatsoever. In addition, though she is blessed with extremely good luck, she is not egotistical about it and thinks it all is due to the benevolence of God.

Lizerietta Marsh
“I’m not here because of "God’s benediction." It’s because Fiora helped me. I don't need to believe in God. The only thing I believe in is my big sister!”

An orphan who was picked up by Fiora. The only person she can trust in this world is her savior Fiora, who she treats as an older sister. She has seen too much of reality and can no longer believe in the future. Her demeanor is so even that she seems more mature than her older sister at times, but she is still young mentally, leading her to occasionally make childish moves like sulking and acting out. For that reason, though she is a good kid in her heart, the surrounding children who genuinely believe in God tend to distance themselves from her.

Souffle Twinny
“Look, look! Tah-dah! These are matching tea cups, hand-signed by Peggy!”

A treasure hunter infatuated with Therians. Her current profession is going in and out of the Therian village and peddling Therian goods, but she is more well known as a treasure hunter. An easy-going person who treats many things in a non-serious manner, she sells specialty goods from the Therian village and random items she finds on the ground. She always recommends specialty goods, but they remain unsold due to the fact that they are Therian items, fitting only to her unique tastes. However, she personally feels fortunate to be surrounded by Therian goods.

Eltricia Vitoire de Ritzhevin
“A Princess is supposed to get married off to another country!? W-Well the Prince of Tajar was suggested by my father, and he does give me a lot of presents... But if you said you needed me, I wouldn't mind reconsidering...”

The first royal princess of the Kingdom of Romulea and also the fourth successor to the throne. The youngest child, she has three older brothers. She is certainly an upper class, selfish, tomboy girl, with some naivety... Since it is almost impossible that she will inherit the throne, the expected action would be to send her off to become the bride of another country’s prince. However, as a member of royalty and in the position to protect the people, she plans to become stronger by not only studying hard, but also gaining an extensive amount of life experience.

“Bring the Princess's diary? That order is not one I can obey. I am a maid employed by the Princess—Hm? My reward is... pancakes? In that case...”

The maid robot that serves the princess. Since the bodyguards who protect the princess belong to an official organization, they are strict and stay loyal to tradition. This maid’s duty is to stealthily respond to the princess’ needs behind the bodyguards’ backs. Since she always completes her tasks perfectly, she is hated by the bodyguards. However, she is not bothered by that, as she is a maid robot who was born to fulfill the princess’ demands.

Yae Houzouji
“Wow! Look at that water! Optimal temperature, and a nice view! Alright, time to try it out... Hm? What’s wrong, Fried? Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?”

A female samurai from the Lachann Empire, an empire from the eastern lands which is the source of ninja culture. While she appears to overflow with womanly charm, she also has a careless manly side. For that reason, she tends to be somewhat naive in various (mainly sexual) ways. She sees value in Fried, and approves of him as a person on an equal footing as she. Even while on a mission, she will stop to take a bath at an onsen whenever she sees one.

“Therefore, I have accepted you as my master. I shall work as your servant until my life comes to a close.”

A pitiful girl with hypoplasia and small breasts, she is a kunoichi who struggles to use any kind of sex appeal. However, that is the only area she is lacking in as a kunoichi, and she excels at all other techniques. She is a cold girl, who completes her missions without saying much. Her birthplace, childhood, age-- Everything is enveloped in mystery. It is unlikely that this mystery will be revealed in the future, either.

“I can’t become a human. No matter how hard I try, neither my ears nor my powers will go away. However... as much as possible, I will be a human in my heart.”

A wholehearted warlock, born from a combination of monster and human blood who lives peacefully in a charcoal hut away from the village. The city-dwellers detest her, despite the fact that she is hardworking and has no intention of harming anyone. Yuni, who looks past Mefmera's differences, is her one and only companion.

Yuni Korgtech
“Song is a magic that everyone can use! It can bring tears to those who want to cry, and smiles to those who want to laugh!”

A singer who works at the pub. She is a bright and innocent girl who loves to sing, and ends up singing everywhere. Mefmera is her closest friend. Her uncle Rick, the owner of the pub, says that hanging out with a half-monster will affect their reputation, but she does not care. Her talent as a singer is splendid, but she often has no sense of direction...



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