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Dungeons Beneath Cairo
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: Scorpion
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Dungeons Beneath Cairo is dungeon crawling video game originally written for the SC-3000 by Andrew Flexman and David Harvey and released by Scorpion. The game was inspired by the Unix game Rogue

Dungeons Beneath Cairo is featured on the SC-3000 Survivors Multicart MkII.


You play the role of Mighty Thor whose mission is to delve deep beneath the mystical pyramid, down into the murky dungeons under Cairo where you must retrieve Tutankhamen's Magic Staff. Whilst searching the catacombs you will do battle with ghouls, vampires, swordsmen, dragons, dire wolves, dark warriors and assassins(to name a few). Ward them off with magic swords, magic shields, potions and numerous other spells.


You, Mighty Thor have been bent to steal back the ancient Magic Staff which is hidden fifteen dungeons beneath Cairo. There is a alight hitch however within each dungeon lie ferocious demons and monsters of all kinds which will hinder your search.

Within each dungeon lie numerous objects, spells, treasures, deep pits, traps etc which in some cases way help in your quest for the Staff.

You must collect Rubies which you sacrifice at the Temple found in each dungeon. By doing this you gain Experience Points needed when doing battle and surviving attacks from enemies of all kinds.

You will also gain Experience Points by slaying enemies. To protect yourself from vicious attacks you will begin with certain Potions and Spells. You will also be given 150 Hit Points. When duelling with enemies you lose Hit Points according to the strength of your opponent. When Hit Points reach zero then the game is over.

Warning: Do not return to the Pyramid above dungeon level one until you have the Magic Staff.

Objects you will come across: Temple : This is whore you sacrifice your precious Rubies for Experience Points.

Rubies : Collect these to sacrifice at Temple

Stairs going down: When you have enough Experience Points you can go down to the next dungeon by pressing fire button while on stairs down.

Stairs going up: When you have the Magic Staff, go back up the stairs to the pyramid.

Trap or Treasure: When landing on this you may find a spell that will help you or perhaps an explosion that will hinder you, that's the chance you take.

Beacon: This is a spell that once east puts a controlled teleport trap into action that will teleport you to the nearest temple when the trigger is pressed.

Tutankhamen's Staff: Found only on dungeon level fifteen.

During game play, the pressing of the fire button will result in the listing of all spoils and potions unless you are on the stairs. To activate spells and potions, move arrow to desired spell or potion listed and press fire.

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Dungeons Beneath Cairo

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Dungeons Beneath Cairo

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