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Eberouge title.png

System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Takara
Original system(s): Windows PC
Publisher(s) of original games: Fujitsu Parex
Developer(s) of original games: Fujitsu Parex
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (1/1 track)
Genre: Simulation[2][3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥6,800 (7,140)6,800e[4] T-10309G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Non-Sega versions

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Eberouge (エーベルージュ) is a Sega Saturn dating simulator game developed by Japan Media Programming and published by Takara. A port of the titular 1996 Fujitsu Parex title Eberouge, the game was released exclusively in Japan in May 1997, and was followed one year later by Eberouge Special: Koi to Mahou no Gakuen Seikatsu.

Production credits

Project Eberouge
  • Senior Exective Producer: 佐藤 博久 (タカラ)
  • Exective Producer: 森川 雅博 (タカラ), 中岡 元志 (JAMP), 瀧島 幸彦 (JAMP)
  • Producer: 中野 隆幸 (タカラ), 木村 明彦 (タカラ), 柏田 規秀 (JAMP)
  • Super Marketter: 森岡 俊広 (タカラ), 鳥浜 克哉 (タカラ), 岩崎 正浩 (タカラ)
  • Direction / Gamedesign: 黒川 仁
  • Program: 山越 浩二, 瀧ノ上 敬, 遠藤 義輝
  • Program Advice: 柴原 英洋
  • Music / Compose / Arrangement: 栗原 稔, 玉山 文人, 花岡 拓也
  • Graphic: 城後 憲作, 山口 靖夫, 杉崎 明香, 山田 恵理子, 藤田 善久, 山田 展彦
  • Character Design: 北爪 宏幸
  • Original Concept: 六川 洋一 (富士通)
  • Scenario: 板橋 雅弘, じょうもん 弥生, 小林 保
  • Theme Music
    • Words: イタバシ マサヒロ
    • Compose/Arrangement: 佐々木 誠 (富士通)
    • Song: Rika
  • Animation: 株式会社旭プロダクション, 横山 雅弘, 高木 洋
  • Cast: 有限会社江崎プロダクション, 大谷 育江, 株式会社アーツビジョン, 白鳥 由里, 根谷 美智子, 渡辺 久美子, (株)青二プロダクション, 浦和 めぐみ, 大本 眞基子, 宇和川 恵美, 小野坂 昌也, 笠原 留美, 私市 淳, 冬馬 由美, 郷理 大輔, 前田 千亜紀, 佐藤 智恵, 山崎 和佳奈
  • Music Conduct: 青木 義孝
  • Movie Digitaze / Edit: 塚田 一男, 岩城 詳子
  • Debug: 栗原 悟
  • Special Thanks: FUJITSU All Staff, TAKARA All Staff, JAMP All Staff
  • Production: 日本メディアプログラミング株式会社
  • Copyright: 富士通株式会社, 株式会社タカラ
In-game credits[5]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-16: "1997-16 (1997-05-16,23)" (1997-05-02)
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-17: "1997-17 (1997-05-30)" (1997-05-16)
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-20: "1997-20 (1997-06-20)" (1997-06-06)

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Saturn, JP
Eberouge Saturn JP Box Back.jpgEberouge Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
Eberouge Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Disc 1
Eberouge Saturn JP Disc2.jpg
Disc 2

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
602,448,336 1997-04-14 CD-ROM (JP) T-10309G (Disc 1) V1.005
Sega Saturn
565,910,016 1997-04-14 CD-ROM (JP) T-10309G (Disc 2) V1.005

Track list

Disc 1

1. Data track
2. (Test tone) (0:08)
Running time: 0:08

Disc 2

1. Data track
2. (Test tone) (0:08)
Running time: 0:08

Extra content

This game has extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Saturn (JP) Extra files
Folder / File Type Size description
ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 290 About this game.
BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 60 About original game
CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 55 Copyright

Note:Disc1 and 2 are included same content.