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Made for: Sega Dreamcast
Manufacturer: Topmax
Type: Arcade stick
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Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast

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Enforcer, by Topmax is a third-party Sega Dreamcast arcade stick. It came in at least six different colours; white, black, purple, blue, cyan and green.

The Enforcer is a reasonably sturdy but fairly rare arcade stick, with a VMU port, six face buttons and a set of turbo features. Turbo works with every button bar C and Z (L and R). It also has built-in vibration support.

A PlayStation equivalent is known as the "Dominator".

Promotional material

Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #134: "September 2000" (2000-08-08)
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Physical scans

Dreamcast, US (Enforcer, white)
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