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Eric Martin
Place of birth: Long Island, New York, United States
Date of birth: 1960-10-10 (age 63)
Employment history:
Role(s): Musician, Composer, Singer, Songwriter

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Eric Lee Martin is an American musician and singer most famous for serving as the frontman of glam metal band Mr. Big, notable for collaborating with Sega of America on a number of game soundtracks, and for being one of the first Western celebrities to specifically compose music for a video game.


Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

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An avid fan the popular American superhero Spider-Man, Martin learned of Sega of America's upcoming Sega Mega-CD game Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin and asked how he could become involved with the project. Sega of America composer Spencer Nilsen soon began working out ideas with the Martin, and eventually the song Swing Time was produced. Recorded in early 1993 at the Berkeley, California-based Fantasy Studios (during Mr. Big's studio sessions for the album Bump Ahead), Swing Time is one of the earliest instances of a vocal theme song specifically composed for a Western-developed video game, and one of the earliest to be composed by a celebrity musician.

Daytona USA Circuit Edition

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Eric Martin, posing with a Daytona USA jacket to promote Daytona USA Championship Edition.

A few years later, Martin was again contracted to produce a pair of songs for the 1997 Sega Saturn racing game Daytona USA Circuit Edition, Sons of Angels and The American Dream, as well as to provide backing vocals for other tracks.

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