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Video game console emulator

System(s): Sega Mega Drive
OS: Windows
Developer: Nemesis
Programmed in: C++
Last release date: (5 years ago)
Last version: 2.1
For the unlicensed Mega Drive game, see Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land.

Exodus is a Sega Mega Drive emulator developed by Nemesis for Windows. It is designed with accuracy in mind, has a variety of debugging and development tools, and makes use of multithreading to improve timing accuracy between the emulated components.

The emulator has has a modular design which will allow for more systems to be supported in the future. It was made open-source in April 2015.[2]


Download.svg Download Exodus
File: Exodus 2.1.7z (1.68 MB) (info)
Current version: 2.1

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