Final Burn

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Video game console emulator

Final Burn
System(s): Arcade (X Board, Y Board)
OS: Windows, BeOS
Developer: Dave (Windows); Caz Jones (BeOS)
Programmed in: C++
Last release date: (21 years ago)
Last version: 0.518

Final Burn, formerly Atest and After Burner Emu,[2] is an arcade emulator for Windows, developed by Dave (author of DGen, Dega and others). Originally it was designed to run After Burner (hence the name), and was later expanded to run games that used X Board, Y Board and Capcom CPS2 hardware.

Final Burn was the basis for the later multi-system emulator FB Alpha, developed by the FBA Team. Third parties have also ported Final Burn to BeOS.


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File: FinalBurn 0518.7z (169 kB) (info)
Current version: 0.518

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