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Mega Drive version

Walk through walls

Flashback MD WallBug1.png

Face away from a wall...

Flashback MD WallBug2.png

... press A+Left, then let go and press Right...

Flashback MD WallBug3.png

... and you can pass through.

Flashback MD WallBug4.png

Just make sure there's somewhere to go.

Go up to any wall, face away from it, and hold A (run) and the d-pad in the direction away from the wall. When Conrad starts running, let go of A and press the d-pad in the opposite direction (back towards the wall). Conrad will change direction and walk through the wall.

This can be used to skip parts of the level, as well as access areas you shouldn't. However, the game will break if Conrad reaches a screen that doesn't exist.

Not fixed in any version.



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