Flashword 1

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Flashword 1
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: John Sands Electronics
Genre: Educational

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
$19.9519.95 WR0207

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Flashword 1 is a piece of educational SC-3000 software released exclusively in Australia by John Sands Electronics as part of its Spellomatic/Flashword Series of Educational Software Cassettes.

The game is a series of computerised flashcards to help children in learning to read. It was designed and developed by Australian teacher Wayne G. Richmond, BA Dip Ed (Syd), who also worked on other educational software on behalf of John Sands Electronics. Software of this nature helped the John Sands Sega gain a small foothold in Australian schools during the 1980's.


Helps your Primary and First Grade child to read 220 words, 80 phrases, 95 most common nouns.

— Box frontcover

"Helping your child to read 220 words, 80 phrases, 95 most common nouns."

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