Game Gear unlicensed multi-carts

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"Super 12 in 1", a typical unlicensed Game Gear multi-cart. All of these games originate from the Master System.

A common practice amongst video game bootleggers is to combine two or more games into one; in the Sega Game Gear's case, resulting in unlicensed multi-carts. Game Gear multi-carts are relatively common across Asia, but not to the same extent as other consoles, namely the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo's Famicom and Game Boy systems.

The process is achieved by using high capacity ROM cartridges which can house multiple copies of (typically older), smaller games. For example, the Game Gear version of Pengo shipped on a 32kB ROM, so a 1MB ROM (such as those used in later games such as Sonic Blast or Virtua Fighter Animation) could house 32 copies of the game. While most Game Gear games use 128kB, 256kB or 512kB ROMs, backwards compatibility with the Sega Master System means similarly small games, such as those sold on Sega Cards, can be brought to the Game Gear with relative ease, and thus make up the numbers.

Usually Game Gear multi-carts contain a menu for switching between games, however some opt for a physical button on the cartridge instead.


Documenting Game Gear multi-carts is challenging as very few developers or manufacturers put their names to products. As such, Sega Retro can only reliably group cartridges based on how many games are included:

Most included games

The top 20 included games is as follows:


Unlicensed multi-carts for the Sega Game Gear
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