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A Game Console is an apparatus that is connected to a television in order to play video games. Game consoles first entered the market with the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 and have since formed a major industry netting millions of dollars of profit. Consoles may also be portable, allowing games to be played away from home (see Portable Console for more information).

Sega first entered the console market in 1983 and continued in this market until becoming a third-party developer in 2001.

Consoles manufactured by Sega


In addition to the above consoles, Sega also released multiple add-ons for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Both addons provided additional storage memory.

  • The Sega Mega-CD was a CD-ROM unit which provided an additional processor and some extra graphical capabilities such as sprite scaling and rotation.
  • The Sega 32X provided an additional drawing layer with increased graphical capacity and a pair of extra processors.

The Visual Memory Unit, released for the Dreamcast, was a memory card that could function as a portable console through use of certain Dreamcast games.