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Gamers DE 1992-01.pdf
Publisher: Rüdiger Limbach
Country of origin: Germany
Backed systems: Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear, Sega Saturn
First issue date: February/March 1992
Last issue date: March 1996
Number of issues: 32
Frequency: Monthly/Bi-monthly
Price: DM5, later DM6

Gamers was a German Sega magazine which existed in the 1990s. Started in 1992 it became the most popular magazine dedicated to Sega. Editors included veterans of the gaming business and magazines, such as Heinrich Lenhardt, Boris Schneider and 1992 German Sega champion Reza Abdoali. Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 contributed as well as Torsten Oppermann, who would go on to become Marketing Director at Sega of Germany soon after.

The magazine was first publishe bi-monthly, and later switched to a monthly publication. Games were rated using school marks based on the German standard, with mark 1 being very good, and 6 being very bad. A minus or plus after the mark indicated a tendency for a better or worse rating that was just missed.

Reviews in the magazine were regarded as rather strict, with many high profile games missing top grades over the years. Its reputation of being independent of Sega was further strengthened by them rating the majority of Mega-CD games below average and repeatedly claiming the purchase of the add-on was not worth it judging by the games available. The "Best of 1993" special issue contained an article on the future of gaming consoles, in the verdict dismissing the Mega-CD as a fossil.

In 1993 a Nintendo-focused magazine called "Total!" was launched by the same team.

In late 1995 the publisher MVL Verlag filed for bankruptcy. The team continued work on the magazine and launched "New Gamers" in early 1996 under their new company X-plain Verlag. While they stated to have gotten the rights to Gamers, the previous publisher contested that claim. Unable to afford the cost of going to court, X-plain discontinued New Gamers after the first issue. The articles written for the planned second issue were then released as a one-time "Gambler Sega Special".

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