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The GoodTools is a collection of programs for Windows created by Cowering to label and organise ROM files. The tools cover a variety of older consoles and computers, each of which has its own GoodTool to manage its own particular set of ROMs. The tools themselves can perform a variety of functions, including renaming ROM files to match the GoodTool conventions, sorting ROMs into folders depending on their labels, and generating a list of missing ROMs.

Sega consoles currently covered by GoodTools are: Sega Mega Drive (including 32X), Game Gear, Master System (including SG-1000) and Pico.

Labelling Conventions

Country Codes

  • (U) - USA
  • (J) - Japan
  • (E) - Europe
  • (JU), (UE), (JUE) - Combination of the above
  • (W) - World (same as (JUE))
  • (A) - US for newer Mega Drive games; Australia for all else
  • (B) - Japan for newer Mega Drive games
  • (C) - China
  • (D) - Dutch
  • (F) - World for newer Mega Drive games; France for all else
  • (FC) - French Canadian
  • (FN) - Finland
  • (G) - Germany
  • (GR) - Greece
  • (HK) - Hong Kong
  • (I) - Italy
  • (K) - Korea
  • (NL) - Netherlands
  • (S) - Spain
  • (Sw) - Sweden
  • (UK) - United Kingdom
  • (Unk) - Unknown Country
  • (-) - Unknown Country
  • (PD) - Public domain
  • (Unl) - Unlicensed
  • (Mn) - Game has n languages

Standard Codes

  • [!] - The game is a verified good dump
  • [aX] - The game is an alternative re-release to the original copy
  • [bX] - The game is a bad dump. These are useless. A bad dump often occurs with an older game or a faulty dumper (bad connection). Another common source of [b] ROMs is a corrupted upload to a release FTP.
  • [fX] - A fixed game has been altered in some way so that it will run better on a copier or emulator.
  • [hX] - The game has been hacked
  • [h1C] - Further identifies a hack as a cartname hack
  • [oX] - An overdumped ROM image has more data than is actually in the cart. The extra information means nothing and is removed from the true image.
  • [pX] - A pirated version of a ROM Image. Usually the copyright messages and company names are corrupted/removed.
  • [tX] - The game has been supplied with a trainer
  • [T+XXX] - Most recent version of a ROM translation
  • [T-XXX] - Obsolete version of a ROM translation
  • [x] - Wrong checksum (Needs verifying). Potentially- [c][!] or a bad dump

GoodGen-Specific Codes

  • (1) - Carts with this code will run on both Japanese and Korean machines.
  • (32X) - 32X game
  • (4) - While this code is technically the same as a (U) code, it is a newer header format and represents that the cart will run on USA and Brazil NTSC machines.
  • (5) - The game will only run on NTSC systems
  • (8) - The game will only run on PAL systems
  • (A) - equivalent to (U)
  • (B) - This country code indicates that the cart will run on any non-US machine.
  • [c] - This code represents a cart known to not use Sega's standard checksum routine; emulators with an autofix checksum feature will need to have that feature disabled to run the game.
  • (F) - equivalent to (JUE) or (W)
  • (J-Cart) - Codemasters J-Cart
  • (MP) - MegaPlay (only Sonic the Hedgehog is in GoodGen).
  • (REVSC02) - Revision ripped from Sonic Compilation (only Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is in GoodGen).

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