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System(s): Windows PC, Mac OS 7.1[1]
Publisher: SegaSoft
Genre: Educational

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC/Mac OS
$29.9929.99[2] 1015
ESRB: Kids to Adults

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Grossology is a PC game based on Planet Dexter's[3] (a satellite of Addison-Wesley, an American publishing and education company) "Grossology" series of illustrated children's books,[4] developed by Appaloosa Interactive and published by SegaSoft in North America in 1996.

Production credits

SegaSoft Credits
  • Producer: Julie Hayward-Senatore
  • Associate Producer: Kim Rogers
  • Game Designer: Kevin Thompson (Wiener Dog Software)
  • PD Assistant: Joyce Takakura
  • Educational Consultant: Sylvia Branzei (Book Author)
  • Medical Consultant: Dr. John Hayward M.D.
  • Character Design: Jack Keely
  • Music Design: Merle Kessler, Joshua Brody
  • Orchestration: Tristan Des Pres
  • Vocalists: Carolyn Des Pres, Tristan Des Pres, Gordon Lyon
  • Marketing: Andrea Scarnecchia
  • Character Voices: Doug Boyd, Wally Fields, J.S. Gilbert, Charles Martinet, Gracelyn Monaco, Kathryn Nymoen
  • SegaSoft Test: Matt Ironside, Mo Berry, Rich Krinock, Marc Dawson, Rob Prideaux, Art Datangel, Dan Carabello, Paco Youngel
  • Special Thanks to: Dean Abt, Matt Afflixio, Brenda Akins, Cindy Hardgrave, Sam Holihan (with the great singing voice), Christa Hovis, Gary Griffiths, Larry Loth, Scott Kim, Michael Latham, Kristine DeLoremier, Gordon Lyon (extra special thanks for putting up with Kim and I), Jane Markell, Robyn Newcomb, Tristan Des Pres, Steve Senatore (for putting up with all the long hours), Tony Van, Lori von Rueden, Jennifer Walters, Lisa Wilson, Mike Zukerman
Appaloosa Credits
  • Project Managers: Toni Zolnai (Thanks to Gyorgyi, Liza, Lea and Eszter for their tolerance...), Gergely Csaszar
  • Additional Game Design: Keith Higashihara
  • Art Director: Ivan Jenkovszky
  • Assistant Art Dirctors: Eva Kovacs, Agnes Korda
  • Graphic Artists: Zsolt Kemenczes, Bacs Nora, Maria Czimmermann, Peter Temesi, Zoltan Ress, Gabor Peter Szabo, Agnes Zelenak, Ferenc Ugrai, Tamas Csige
  • Multimedia Programmers: Igor Gal (Special thanks to Laci, Tundi, Szilvi, Kriszta and Dori...), Janos Kovalszky, Gabor Peter Szabo
  • Game Programmers: Kalman Molnar, Roland Gulyas (Thanks to coffee...), Roland Timar, Gabor Pongyor
  • Macintosh Version: Janos Kovalszky
  • Original Music and SFX: Attila Heger, Laszlo Molnar
  • Testers: Sandor Mezei, Csaba Knaver
  • Special Thanks to: Zoltan Gyorfi
Planet Dexter Credits
  • Jess M. Brallier, Michael Cirone, Carolyn Savarese
In-game credits

Physical scans

PC/Mac, US
Grossology PC US back.jpgNospine.pngGrossology PC US Box Front.jpg
Grossology PC US bottom.jpg
Grossology PC US Box Back JewelCase.jpgGrossology PC US Box Front JewelCase.jpg
Jewel Case