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HotB logo.png
Founded: 1983
Defunct: 1993
T-series code: T-28
Merged into: Starfish-SD (1993)
Headquarters: Japan

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HOT-B (ホット・ビィ) was a Japanese developer and publisher who served as publisher, contract developer, and subcontractor (Genki got their start doing programming work for HOT-B).

They went bankrupt in 1993 and were bought out by Starfish-SD, who were formed from former employees; the HOT-B name was kept as the name of the company's American division for about a decade after that (a website lists the 2005 PS2 game Graffiti Kingdom as the most recent title).


Master System

Mega Drive

HOT-B's American division (who published on Nintendo platforms) also distributed Thunder Force III in North America for Tecnosoft; this is the only Genesis game distributed in that region with their name on it (the others, except The Steel Empire, were published as Sage's Creation; whether or not they were the same company is unknown).


Game Gear


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