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The game has a secret code that can be entered on the title screen to view the credits.[7][3] The senior planner did not want credits to be included, but the lead programmer did want to include them, so asked Yasuhiro Hayashida's permission to perform this workaround.[8]

Music credits

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
4 Beyond The Horizon Yes
5 Waiting Riders Yes
6 Player Select Yes
7 L.A. Blue Sky Yes Original song from Sega Ski Super G (unused).
8 Cowboys On The Freeway Yes
9 Time Is Up Yes
10 Result Map Scene Yes
11 Coming Home Ending Yes
12 All Around The World(with Talking Box) Yes
13 Jingle Bells
  • Composer: James Lord Pierpont
14 Boss The Roadmaster Yes
15 Winning Ball Yes Original song from Dynamite Baseball.
16 Shine On The Top Yes Original song from Sega Ski Super G.
17 Head For The Wild World Yes
18 Sun Goes Down Name Entry Yes
All Around The World Advertise Yes
Sun Goes Down(extra verson) No


Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders

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