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Hi-Tech Land Sega (ハイテクランドセガ) is a chain of indoor video arcades operated by Sega in Japan. While Sega is known to have operated arcades since the late 1960s, this is thought to have been the first set to operate as a "chain", with similar names, logos and aesthetics.

Hi-Tech Land Segas were established during the 1990s, however many sold or closed in the early 2000s, often replaced with more profitable arcade ventures elsewhere. Others were allowed to decay, and having been subjected to ten years of weathering, were rennovated as other forms of Sega arcades, sometimes as Club Segas, but usually as general "Sega"-branded venues. Hi-Tech Land Segas are generally small, urban venues converted from pre-existing buildings, as opposed to new builds.

The brand can cause confusion as many of the locations omit the "Hi-Tech Land" moniker from signage, despite being officially referred to by this name by Sega. The name is generally on the decline - no new Hi-Tech Land Segas have been opened since at least the early 2000s.


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