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Hit Sega
Record label: Virgin
Artist: S.S.T. Band
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Hit Sega is an EP distributed at the 1990 launch of the Sega Mega Drive in France[1]. It is effectively a stripped-down version of Power Drift & Mega Drive, with only the arranged tracks from S.S.T. Band (covering Power Drift, Phantasy Star II. Space Harrier II and Altered Beast.

It was also distributed with a version of the Sega Master System that had two controllers and Hang On as a built in game.

Track list

1. Power Drift (Like the Wind Arrange Version) (4:14) 

2. Phantasy Star II (Opening Theme Arrange Version) (3:48) 

3. Space Harrier II (A Legend of Harrier Arrange Version) (4:29) 

4. Altered Beast (Close in Upon Me Arrange Version) (3:43) 
Running time: 16:14

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Album, FR

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