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Founded: 1970-02

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Hori Co., Ltd. (株式会社ホリ) is a Japanese peripheral manufacturer based in Kanagawa. They originally operated under the name Hori Electric Co., Ltd. (ホリ電機株式会社) until January 1, 2000. The company was founded on February 1970, starting off as a manufacturer and supplier of peripherals for video and audio equipment (e.g. TV and radio sets). In 1985, they entered the video game market with the release of various officially licensed Family Computer peripherals such as the Joystick-7, the Wing Commander and the S.D. Station. They have since released gaming peripherals for other hardware families, such as the PlayStation and Xbox, in addition to their continued support of Nintendo platforms.

Some of their products were adopted by Sega and turned into first-party accessories, although most of them were released unlicensed. Despite supporting all of Sega's prior platforms, Hori never released any peripherals for the Dreamcast. However, they still released various Virtua Fighter-licensed peripherals for the later PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Accessories produced

Master System

  • (1988)
  • (1989)

Mega Drive

  • (1993)
  • (1993)
  • (1994)


  • (1994)
  • (1995)
  • (1995)
  • (1996)
  • (1998)
  • (199x)

PlayStation 2

  • (2002)
  • (2003)

Xbox 360

  • (2009)

PlayStation 4

  • (2018)

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