Innerprise Software, Inc.

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Innerprise Software, Inc., sometimes stylized as InnerPrise Software, was an American video game developer which specialized in personal computer games, notable for porting a number of Amiga titles to the early Sega Mega Drive, and for the overwhelmingly-negative reception of their 1991 linear beat-'em-up Sword of Sodan.[1][2]


Innerprise Software was founded in 1989 by Paul Lombardi and Torben B. Larsen. While the company originated in Denmark, it operated its video game development and distribution facilities in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and primarily developed titles for the Amiga personal computer. This experience soon earned them a contract with Electronic Arts to port the Amiga games Battle Squadron and Sword of Sodan to the newly-released Sega Genesis.

This relationship with Electronic Arts brought the company to the attention of Sega of America, and soon it was contracted to develop the upcoming high-profile Sega Mega Drive game Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin. About halfway through production, representatives from the game's licensor (American comic book company Marvel) voiced their displeasure with the title over quality concerns, and even threatened to pull the license entirely if not remedied. Sega of America quickly scrapped Innerprise's version of the game, and contracted developer Technopop to begin the project entirely from scratch.

During this time, Innerprise Software was also contracted by publisher Tengen to develop the official Sega Mega Drive port of the popular 1982 arcade game Ms. Pac-Man.