Innerprise Software Inc

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Innerprise Software Inc
Founded: 1989
Defunct: 1992
Headquarters: Hunt Valley, Maryland, United States

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Innerprise Software Inc was a video game development company founded in 1989 by Paul Lombardi and Torben B. Larsen. The company had its roots in Denmark, but operated its game development and distribution, in Hunt Valley, Maryland, where it obtained the contract with Electronic Arts to port Battle Squadron and Sword of Sodan from the Amiga to Mega Drive. This relationship with Electronic Arts brought Innerprise Software to the attention of Sega of America and soon the company was assigned the development of Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, altough when the version was about halfway finished, it was discarded due to Marvel's representatives complaints (threatening to cancel the license), which prompted a shift in the development teams, and the company was then substituted by Technopop.

The older, Innerprise Software Inc logo.


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